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Toetum Kids celebrates the joys of childhood through the use of vibrant colour and adventurous design.

Toetum Tiny Tubes is our new range of divine collectable canisters housing adorable matching cloth including rompers, tee’s and the cutest little bloomers. Toetum isn’t shy, we embrace art and humor and we love laughter! Our signature ‘Limited Edition Art Series’ features artists including Nadine Sawyer who manages to capture the innocence of a child...with just a dash of whimsy.

At Toetum we not only care about our family and friends, we’re conscious of the environment. Our tubes are made from recycled material and can also be reused for storage of an abundance of kiddy knickknacks – very, very handy!

But what’s in store for us tomorrow and in the near future? You’ll see more gift items join the rest of the family which we know you’ll just adore.

We are proud to celebrate the fun filled world of a child’s playful imagination, for us the skies the limit. But in just a few short weeks, Toetum will be ready to join your family.

Welcome to our family