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Toetum Tiny Tubes are our divine collectable tubes housing adorable matching cloth including rompers, tee’s and the cutest little bloomers. Toetum isn’t shy, we embrace art and humor and we love laughter! Our signature ‘Limited Edition Art Series’ features artists including Nadine Sawyer who manages to capture the innocence of a child...with just a dash of whimsy.

At Toetum we not only care about our family and friends, we’re conscious of the environment. Our tubes are made from recycled material and can also be reused for storage of an abundance of kiddy knickknacks including pencils, toy cars or you can even use it as  a money box. Our foil lined tubes are also food safe so you can store snacks for those long drives – very, very handy!

If you have any great ways you have reused your Toetum Tubes we would love to hear about it! Drop us a line or send in a photo to

"My daughter loves instruments, so we filled two Toetum Tubes with a few rice grains and beads to make a set of rumba shakers." Jana - Eight Mile Plains.